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what is the function of 'eval' ?

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pricky 23 Apr 2014
답변: lvn 23 Apr 2014
Hi Please explain what function is eval performing here and is it necessary to use it. I'm planning to use eval function to store code book, is there any alternative.
clc; Nsamp=35000; fs=8050; beep I=wavrecord(Nsamp,fs);
codebook = MFCC_BasedCodebook(I,fs); in=inputdlg('Enter file name -5 characters'); FileName=cell2mat(in); eval(['save ' 'test\' FileName ' codebook;']);
Thank you

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lvn 23 Apr 2014
Eval can be used to run matlab commands which are not known in advance, but only at runtime. In your example eval executes the commando 'save test\FileName codebook' (with filename the specific filename constructed above).
The use of eval is not recommended and in your case, it can simply be replaced by using the different syntax of the save commando ('help save') e.g.

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