getting name of all functions i use in m file (or script)

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daniel 2014년 4월 22일
답변: daniel 2014년 4월 22일
is there a way to find out quickly all the names of the functions been used in a script file?
for example if i wrote script that called "calculator"
and it used in several function such as "add","sum", "multiply" ,etc.. i want to be able to extract those name of the function easly
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Jan 2014년 4월 22일
What exactly is "sum"? A local subfunction or the built-in sum function?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2014년 4월 22일
You can generate a dependency report. On the newer versions of MATLAB, they hid it under the little down arrow on the "Current Folder" panel. On earlier versions it's on the main pulldown menu bar.
Or you can use some more comprehensive apps:

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Jan 2014년 4월 22일
You find a lot of functions in the FileExchange. Simply search for "dependency" or equivalent terms:

lvn 2014년 4월 22일

daniel 2014년 4월 22일
Thanks you very much! i did find it under the small arrow in the editor window (show editor actions)


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