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Matlab Cropping Plots to remove whitespace

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Adin 2014년 4월 20일
댓글: Dr. Erol Kalkan, P.E. 2018년 10월 12일
I want to adjust the amount of whitespace that is shown when plots are generated. I found this command to do just that:
But this doesn't work that well when I add axis labels. When I have a plot without axis labels it's fine, it looks like this:
But when I add labels it does this:
You can't see it all that well but there is a lot of white space left of the yaxis label. I want to crop it down to the bare minimum, how do I do it?

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lvn 2014년 4월 20일
On the fileexchange there are a lot of functions out there that can do this for you. I use for instance spaceplots , which you should call after your figure is complete (with axis labels and all). That function modifies white space between subplots but also left top bottom and right of the whole figure (which is what you want).

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Marc Jakobi
Marc Jakobi 2016년 9월 15일
I just finished working on a function that attemts to automatically solve this problem (without messing up colorbars, labels, etc.)
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Dr. Erol Kalkan, P.E.
Dr. Erol Kalkan, P.E. 2018년 10월 12일
This file is not available in fileexchange.

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