formal initialisation of matrix

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Julien 2014년 4월 9일
답변: Julien 2014년 4월 10일
I would like to know if it's possible to create a matrix A by giving the value of every coefficient A(i,j). Something like that :
A(i,j) = i+j
I would like to do this directly when the matrix is created, not using the double for i, for j.
Thankyou for your answer,

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lvn 2014년 4월 10일
Answering your second question

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Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer 2014년 4월 9일
Hi Julien,
often you can use the function meshgrid for this...

lvn 2014년 4월 9일
Three alternative solutions posted here:

Julien 2014년 4월 9일
Thankyou for your rapid answer, it helps me a lot =)
Now if it's possible, I would like to construct a matrix of booleans based on the same idea but with :
A ( i , j ) = ( x(i) == y(j) )
with x and y known vector.
If somebody has idea..
Thanks a lot,

Julien 2014년 4월 10일
Perfect answer thankyou it's okay =)

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