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Is there any way to automatically collect an input argument?

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Say you have a function that you can call by saying:
Now the 'Location' in question is always the location of the script which is running the function so would always be defined as:
Location = mfilename('fullpath')
Is there any way of getting a function to automatically acquire the input argument 'Location'? That way I could avoid anyone who might use my function from entering the wrong location out of confusion (the script in question deals with a number of locations).

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 1 Apr 2014
You need to call dbstack with the 'completenames' option:
Example. Script "test2.m" calls function test1() (contained in the same test2.m script or in it's own m-file). See dbstack give the full pathnames of the routines that are called:
function test2
function test1()

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Graham House
Graham House 1 Apr 2014
Thanks very much works perfectly.

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