Plans for MATLAB to Run Natively on Cell Phones?

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I am aware of MATLAB Mobile, but are there any plans which would allow MATLAB to run natively on any cell phones? It seems that high end phones these days have more than adequate computational capacity and memory to support native MATLAB.
Thanks for your consideration.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2015년 5월 15일
MATLAB was formerly supported on multiple architectures but they got rid of that and now only support the Intel x86 and x64 line (and are doing away with the x86 support.) The architecture used by smartphones is variable but many use the ARM architecture such as the ARM Cortex-A A57 architecture implemented by Qualcomm in it's Snapdragon 810. The Samsung Galaxy S6 uses the Samsung Exynos 7 Octa 7420, with ARMv8-A instruction set, which is the same instruction set used by the Apple iPhone 5S.
It appears that there is a BLAS/LAPACK available for ARM, the ATLAS implementation. It is a self-tuning version that does a lot of testing to find the optimum machine code for the hardware that it is run on. But by the same token it is not generalized: to run it on a slightly different architecture requires rebuilding, a several day process.
It appears that IMSL belongs to Roguewave these days. I do see that it is available in source form from them, but I do not find evidence that it is being used on ARM -- which could be a simple "absence of evidence" case rather than "evidence of absence".
My answer is therefore a firm "If I actually knew anything about Mathwork's plans, then I am sure I would not be permitted to tell you", and my "armchair quarterbacking" says "No it probably isn't happening because that would be inconsistent with what product direction we can observe."
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2015년 5월 18일
I forgot to mention: sometimes a feature that is already out for official beta testing will get mentioned as nearly being available. Sometimes it is the beta testers doing the mentioning, but overall people are pretty good at staying within the NDA of beta testing.

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