Get the facecolor of a contourf plot

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Giorgos Papakonstantinou
Giorgos Papakonstantinou 2014년 3월 10일
댓글: Johannes Korsawe 2015년 1월 26일
I would like to find the facecolor of the the contourf patches. For example if :
[X,Y,Z] = peaks;
I would like to get the 5 different facecolors of the patches of the contour.
Thank you


Doug Hull
Doug Hull 2014년 3월 11일
[X,Y,Z] = peaks;
[l, h] = contourf(X,Y,Z,4)
hp = get(h,'children')
This gets you the value of the cdata. Look at the colormap to get the actual RGB color. Look at the colorbar to see what those values correspond to.
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Johannes Korsawe
Johannes Korsawe 2015년 1월 26일
Kelly, is there some undocumented chance for some magic to set some FaceAlpha-Values for the plotted areas of the contourf-command?

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