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Is it possible to save . mat <4095x1384x2 double> file to txt file?

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최근 활동 Iain 님이 답변함. 4 Mar 2014
Is it possible to save 4095x1384x2 double . mat file to txt file?
I have tried this but it didnt work. >> save file.txt data -ascii -double -tabs Warning: Attempt to write an unsupported data type to an ASCII file. Variable 'data' not written to file.

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what is the datatype for variable 'data' in the mat file?
what is the output of
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
data 4095x1372x2 89893440 double
its because it is three dimensional.. It needs the data to be two dimensional to save double

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Thomas 님의 답변 4 Mar 2014

You can save it as slices
and then save or he alternative would be to use reshape to make it a 2D matrix and save it, and when you load it, reshape it back to a 3D matrix.

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Iain 님의 답변 4 Mar 2014

Yes. You can most certainly save something that big to text file. I wouldn't say that is sensible.
There are three reasons for this:
1. Your data is huge (90MB) and as text, I'd expect it to be more than that. 2. It'll take ages to write. 3. How do you want to arrange your data? Its a 3-D table, at best, text gives you a simple 2-d table
A simple method for getting the data into a text file, is actually to use the "diary" function, (which makes everything printed to screen go straight into a text file), then just make your variable print to screen. The data will not be sensibly arranged, and it will be hard to read, but it'll be in a file which someone can eventually decide to read. .

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