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How to read DICOM RT Structure?

Yun Inn 님이 질문을 제출함. 4 Mar 2014
최근 활동 Walter Roberson 님이 편집함. 25 May 2018
I have a DICOM RT STRUCTURE file (attached) with 1 structure set. I tried dicomread(filename) but it returned an empty array. Are there any scripts to read DICOM RT STRUCTURE file with Matlab?

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Answer by Thomas
on 4 Mar 2014
Edited by Thomas
on 4 Mar 2014
 Accepted Answer

or try
dicomwrite(1, 'RSDicomOut.dcm', RSInfo, 'CreateMode', 'Copy');
Then read

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on 14 Aug 2014
Hello Zahra, Can you describe how you solved the problem with
files_out =
{} ?
Any help is much appreciated, Tom
on 3 Sep 2014
Hello Zahra, I have the same problem as Thomas, Please let me know how you solved the problem files_out = {} Thank you very much, Manuela
on 3 Sep 2014
Hi Thomas, Excuse me I see your question now. I just did what Yun said put all of my CTs and structures to a single folder and run the code as : % Specify the path of the folder
% Output into the same folder
files_out = scanDir(directory); Bests.

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Answer by MARIA LIZONDO on 22 Dec 2016

Hi all,
I have tried to use this code but I have problems to view the structure...
Error using images.internal.imageDisplayValidateParams>validateCData (line 115)
Multi-plane image inputs must be RGB images of size MxNx3.
Error in images.internal.imageDisplayValidateParams (line 27)
common_args.CData = validateCData(common_args.CData,image_type);
Error in images.internal.imageDisplayParseInputs (line 78)
common_args = images.internal.imageDisplayValidateParams(common_args);
Error in imshow (line 222)
Thanks in advance!

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Hi Maria, Can you solve the problem to view the structure? Thank you very much. Megan
What shows up for size(Str1) and class(Str1) ?

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