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i have 729 data points within a particular range of lat &long. how can i reduce this to 150 without changing the range of lat&long..?

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prajith kc
prajith kc 2014년 3월 3일
편집: lvn 2014년 3월 3일
i want to make this data equal size with another so that i have to reduce the size. but donot change the range. eg:10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 11 elements , should reduce to 10,7,4,1,0 with out changing the upper &lower limits

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lvn 2014년 3월 3일
편집: lvn 2014년 3월 3일
This should do it:
latshort=[lat(1:step:end-1); lat(end)]

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Giorgos Papakonstantinou
Giorgos Papakonstantinou 2014년 3월 3일
I assume that you don't care about the values in between maximum and minimum
A=randi(1000, 729,1); % create an random matrix 729x1
[~,order]=sort(A); % sort ascending the matrix A
idx = round(linspace(1,729,150)); % create a 150 row indice for 729 elements
A(~ismember(order, idx))=[]; % delete the elements which do are not in the 150 row indices


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