unable to load valid reference design plugin

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Roger 2014년 2월 25일
댓글: Juan Valverde 2015년 7월 23일
I'm now using HDL coder to do implementation for my Zedboard. But when I usd the HDL workflow advisor, I got an error from phase 4.1. Create Project. The error message is: Faild Unable to load valid reference design plugin. I'm using MATLAB 2013b and Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.4 Please help me to get rid of the error, thanks.
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Juan Valverde
Juan Valverde 2015년 7월 23일
great thank you!!

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Wang Chen
Wang Chen 2014년 2월 25일
Hi Roger, In HDL Workflow Advisor Step 1.2 "Set Target Interface", In the table "Target platform interface table", do you have one of your port assigned to "AXI4-Lite" interface?
There is a bug in R2013b MATLAB that at least one port must be assigned to "AXI4-Lite" interface in "Target platform interface table", or else Step 4.1 "Create Project" will fail on project creation. This bug is fixed in R2014a MATLAB.
Thanks, Wang
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Gökhan 2014년 8월 6일
Hi I am using Matlab 2014a but I have still same problem. There is no choise for ise 14.7

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