Running MATLAB with two versions of Java

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Ksenia 2011년 7월 14일
답변: Walter Roberson 2018년 4월 20일
I am using MATLAB 7, and creating a GUI to be used in a parser. GUIs don't seem to be working in MATLAB 7 with Java 1.6 (or 1.5), but work fine with Java 1.4.
In a separate requirement, my program has to be able to read an ODS spreadsheet file. I found two functions on the FileExchange which can do that (loadods and myxlsread), but both use Java, and do not work with Java 1.4 (but they do work fine with Java 1.6).
Is there a way to set up MATLAB to use two different versions of Java for different portions of the program?
I would appreciate any advice regarding this, or perhaps other ideas how to get the two requirements above working at the same time.
Thank you very much for any input!!


Veera Kanmani
Veera Kanmani 2018년 4월 20일

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018년 4월 20일
No it is not possible to use a mix of Java versions in the same executable.


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