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How can I use dlmread to input data as single precision?

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Baoqiang 2011년 2월 9일
I am using dlmread to get input data and found that the return matrix is always double precision which is too big for the memory on my machine. I'm wonder anyhow I could make the reading use just single precision. Here is what I'm doing:
mat = dlmread('a.txt');

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Todd Flanagan
Todd Flanagan 2011년 2월 9일
I think you want to use textscan. That will allow you to specify the input format. The %f32 format will import as single precision. For example:
>> f = fopen('data.txt');
>> textscan(f, '%f32')
ans =
[3x1 single]
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Jan 2011년 2월 9일
You can create a copy of DLMREAD.M and insert this format specifier in the TEXTSCAN call. Then you have a fully featured DLMREAD with SIGNLE output.

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