How can I pack several .m ?

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Belen 2013년 10월 28일
답변: Jan 2013년 10월 28일
I want to share several ".m" created to run a main function. This main function calls all these ".m" in different order depending on user needs. Is there any way to pack or compile all ".m" in one file? Preferably, this output file can not be modify by users.


Jan 2013년 10월 28일
What's wrong with having multiple M-files? An option would be to move all of them into a subfolder called \private\, such that only the main fail in the parent folder can access them.
If you want to have them in one M-file, you need a so called wrapper:
function varargout = MyWrapper(Func, varargin)
varargout = cell(1, nargout);
switch Func
case 'SubFunction1'
varargout = SubFunc1(varargin{:});
error('Unknown function: %s', Func)
function [a,b] = SubFunc1(c, d)
Another method is to offer a set of function handles:
function FcnList = MyWrapper
FcnList.Function1 = @Function1;
FcnList.Function2 = @Function2;
function [a,b] = Function1(c, d)
function [q,p] = Function2(z)
Now you obtainthe handles in the first step inside the main function, and call the function handles afterwards:
FcnList = MyWrapper;
[a,b] = FcnList.Function1(c, d);

Vishal Rane
Vishal Rane 2013년 10월 28일
Have you thought about implementing the other functions as subfunctions in the main function file?
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Belen 2013년 10월 28일
First of all, thanks for your quick reply. Yes I've thought about it, but I use this main function file to generate a report (using publish), so, I prefer not to add all these subfunctions to the main file,in order to get a clean final report. Any other suggestion?

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