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Test for Arduino Target

Asked by Sebastian on 25 Oct 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Sebastian on 10 Nov 2013
Hi everyone,
does a Matlab command exist that allows to check the installed Simulink targets? I want to test automatically the current Matlab environment on an already installed built-in support for the Arduino platform.
Thanks for your help Best wishes


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Answer by Rolfe Dlugy-Hegwer on 10 Nov 2013

At this time (R2013b), there isn't a MATLAB function you can use to automatically check which support packages are installed.
To display a list of installed support packages, enter supportPackageInstaller. Then, in Support Package Installer, on the second screen, called "Select support package to install", change the "Show" parameter to "Installed".


Sebastian on 10 Nov 2013
Thanks for your answer! Hence, the user has to check the installed targets manually ... probably an interessting feature for R2014 :-)

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