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Access information contained in CDFX file



cdfxObj = cdfx(CDFXfile) creates an asam.cdfx object and imports the calibration data from the specified CDFX file.


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Create an asam.cdfx object containing the calibration data from a CDFX file.

cdfxObj = cdfx('c:\DataFiles\AllCategories_VCD.cdfx')
cdfxObj = 

  CDFX with properties:

       Name: "AllCategories_VCD.cdfx"
       Path: "c:\DataFiles\AllCategories_VCD.cdfx"
    Version: "CDF20"

Input Arguments

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Calibration data format (CDFX) file, specified as a character vector or string. CDFXFile can specify the file name in the current folder, or the full or relative path to the CDFX file. For restrictions on the file content, see File Format Limitations.

Example: 'ASAMCDFExample.cdfx'

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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CDFX file object, returned as an asam.cdfx object. Use the object to access the calibration data.

Version History

Introduced in R2019a

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