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Export data of CDFX object to file



write(cdfxObj) exports the data contents of the asam.cdfx object to the file specified by the Path property of the object.

write(cdfxObj,CDFXfile) exports the contents of the asam.cdfx object to the CDFX file specified by CDFXfile.


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Create an asam.cdfx object with data from a file, modify the data in the object, and write it out to a new file.

cdfxObj = cdfx('c:\DataFiles\AllCategories_VCD.cdfx');

Input Arguments

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CDFX file object, specified as an asam.cdfx object. Use the object to access the calibration data.

Example: cdfx()

Calibration data format (CDFX) file location, specified as a character vector or string. CDFXFile can specify the file name in the current folder, or the full or relative path to the CDFX file.

Example: 'ASAMCDFExample.cdfx'

Data Types: char | string

Version History

Introduced in R2019a

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