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View Summary of ROI and Scene Labels

Use the Visual Summary to view and compare the distribution of ROI and scene labels across images.

Labeler showing three ROI Labels and one Scene label. The canvas displays one image and the Visual Summary panel displays the label distribution for one of the ROI labels.

The Visual Summary panel is located next to the Image Browser window. You can size the Visual Summary panel to view the distribution graph for the ROI and scene labels.

By default, the Visual Summary displays the selected label distribution bar graphs that correspond to the images displayed in the Image Browser. To view the distribution for all images, uncheck Sync to image browser. The x-axis of the graph displays the distribution of labels for each image across the duration of the image sequence.

Select an ROI or scene label from the left panels to view its corresponding distribution. The visual summary does not include information about sublabels or label attributes.

  • For ROI labels, the y-axis displays the number of the selected label in the image.

  • For pixel ROI labels, the y-axis displays the percentage of the frame that is labeled for each pixel label.

  • For scene labels, the graph displays the presence or absence of a scene label at each timestamp or for each image in a collection.

To restore the Visual Summary panel in your workspace, click the down arrow located in the window title bar.Restore arrow and Ctrl+Shift+M shortcut

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