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SPICE 호환 소스

SPICE 호환 소스입니다.

Simscape 블록

DC Current SourceConstant current source
DC Voltage SourceConstant voltage source
Exponential Current SourceExponential pulse current source
Exponential Voltage SourceExponential pulse voltage source
PCCCSPolynomial current-controlled current source
PCCCS2Polynomial current-controlled current source with two controlling inputs
PCCVSPolynomial current-controlled voltage source
PCCVS2Polynomial current-controlled voltage source with two controlling inputs
Piecewise Linear Current SourceTime-dependent current source using lookup table
Piecewise Linear Voltage SourceTime-dependent voltage source using lookup table
Pulse Current SourcePeriodic square wave current source
Pulse Voltage SourcePeriodic square wave voltage source
PVCCSPolynomial voltage-controlled current source
PVCCS2Polynomial voltage-controlled current source with two controlling inputs
PVCVSPolynomial voltage-controlled voltage source
PVCVS2Polynomial voltage-controlled voltage source with two controlling inputs
SFFM Current SourceSingle-frequency frequency-modulated current source
SFFM Voltage Source Single-frequency frequency-modulated voltage source
Sinusoidal Current SourceDamped sinusoidal current source
Sinusoidal Voltage SourceDamped sinusoidal voltage source


subcircuit2sscConvert SPICE subcircuit to custom Simscape components
ee_convertedmosfetvalidationGenerate standard MOSFET characteristics for Simscape and validate conversion results against SPICE simulation tool (R2020b 이후)
semiconductorSubcircuit2lookupGenerate lookup table data for three-terminal or four-terminal devices from SPICE subcircuit (R2022a 이후)
ee.spice.diodeSubcircuit2lookupGenerate lookup table data for two-terminal devices from SPICE subcircuit (R2023a 이후)

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