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Test Authoring

Create and import data, develop test sequences, log signals, assess simulation and output

Start authoring tests by creating a test file in the Test Manager. Create test vectors by using test case inputs, blocks in your model, or data from external files. Add test cases and iterations for different test scenarios. To create a test that progresses based on simulation behavior, use a Test Sequence block. Create tolerances for simulation output data, and verification statements that run with your model and code.

  • Inputs
    Step-based test sequences, external data sources, signal authoring, automatic test case generation
  • Outputs and Tolerances
    Log simulation data, set value and time tolerances, capture and update baseline data
  • Test Cases and Iterations
    Test architecture for large models, synchronizing test files and models, requirements linking, sharing, file management
  • Assessments and Criteria
    Logical and temporal verification, data comparison, specialized results processing
  • Test Harnesses
    Unit testing, integrated code testing, closed-loop scenarios, library testing

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