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Continuous Integration

CI-compatible tests, automation, running Simulink® tests with MATLAB® Unit Test Framework

You can increase the scope of your testing by generating test cases for all the subsystems in your model. You can also set up schedulers for certain model architectures, such as export-function models. To run MATLAB and Simulink tests together, run Simulink Test™ test cases using the MATLAB Unit Test Framework. Generate continuous integration-compatible results using MATLAB Unit Test plugins. See Continuous Integration for Verification of Simulink Models and Develop and Integrate Software with Continuous Integration for information and an example.


matlab.unittest.TestSuiteFundamental interface for grouping tests to run
matlab.unittest.TestRunnerClass for running tests in unit testing framework
matlab.unittest.pluginsSummary of classes in MATLAB plugins interface
sltest.plugins.ModelCoveragePluginCollect model coverage using the MATLAB Unit Test framework
sltest.plugins.TestManagerResultsPluginGenerate enhanced test results with the MATLAB Unit Test framework
sltest.plugins.coverage.CoverageMetricsSpecify coverage metrics for tests run with MATLAB Unit Test framework
sltest.plugins.coverage.ModelCoverageReportSpecify model coverage report details for tests run with MATLAB Unit Test


addModelCoverageEnable model coverage collection for TestTask instance (Since R2024a)