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Combine test data from data files



merged_data = slvnvmergedata(data1,data2,...) combines two or more test cases and counterexamples data into a single test case data structure merged_data.


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This example shows how to merge logged data from multiple test cases.

Open the directory that contains the example files.


Open the sldemo_mdlref_basic model, which contains three Model blocks that reference the sldemo_mdlref_counter model.


Log the input signals to the three Model blocks.

data1 = slvnvlogsignals('sldemo_mdlref_basic/CounterA');
data2 = slvnvlogsignals('sldemo_mdlref_basic/CounterB');
data3 = slvnvlogsignals('sldemo_mdlref_basic/CounterC');

Merge the logged data.

merged_data = slvnvmergedata(data1, data2, data3);

Simulate the referenced model, sldemo_mdlref_counter, with coverage enabled with the merged data.

runOpts = slvnvruntestopts;
runOpts.coverageEnabled = true;
[ outData, initialCov ] = slvnvruntest('sldemo_mdlref_counter', ...
     merged_data, runOpts);

Generate a coverage report to view the results.

cvhtml('Initial coverage', initialCov);

Input Arguments

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Generated by running slvnvlogsignals or by running a Simulink® Design Verifier™ analysis.

Output Arguments

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Structure that contains the merged test cases or counterexamples.

Version History

Introduced in R2011a

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