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하드웨어 연결을 위한 모델 준비, 하드웨어 프로토콜 지원을 위한 블록 추가

Android® 기기용 앱을 만드는 데 사용할 수 있는 Simulink® 블록 및 핵심 기능 세트입니다.


모두 확장

AccelerometerMeasure linear acceleration along X, Y, and Z axes in m/s2
Ambient Temperature SensorMeasure ambient temperature in degree Celsius
GyroscopeMeasure rotational speed around X, Y, and Z axes in rad/s
Humidity SensorMeasure relative air humidity as percentage
Light SensorMeasure ambient light level in lux (lx)
Location SensorMeasure global positioning system data
Pressure SensorMeasure ambient air pressure in hectopascals (hPa)
MagnetometerMeasure magnetic field along X, Y, and Z axes
OrientationMeasure device rotation along X, Y, and Z axes
BLE SendSend data using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol
BLE ReceiveReceive data using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol
UDP SendSend UDP packets
UDP ReceiveReceive UDP packets
ThingSpeak WritePublish data to Internet of Things using ThingSpeak
ThingSpeak ReadRead data stored in ThingSpeak channel
TCP/IP SendSend data over TCP/IP network to another remote host
TCP/IP ReceiveReceive data over TCP/IP network from remote host
Serial TransmitSend buffered data to the serial port (R2019b 이후)
Serial ReceiveReceive an [Nx1] array of data on the serial port and write it to the data block output. When data is not available, write 0 to the data block output (R2019b 이후)
TalkBack ReadRead command(s) from TalkBack ID on ThingSpeak TalkBack server (R2021b 이후)
TalkBack WriteWrite command(s) to TalkBack ID on ThingSpeak TalkBack server (R2021b 이후)
MQTT SubscribeSubscribe to an MQTT topic and receive message from the broker (R2023a 이후)
MQTT PublishPublish message to an MQTT broker with the specified Topic (R2023a 이후)
HTTP ClientSend and receive data from HTTP server over URL connection (R2023a 이후)
Audio CaptureCapture audio stream from device microphone
Audio File ReadAdd audio file from computer into mobile application
Audio File WriteWrite audio frames to an audio file (R2019b 이후)
Audio PlaybackPlay audio on the device speaker
Video DisplayDisplay video on device display
CameraCapture video using front or rear camera
SliderDisplay slider widget
Data DisplayDisplay numerical data on your app screen
ButtonDisplay button widget on device screen
Data InputGenerate data input field on device screen
FromAppReceive data from method of app
ToAppSend data to method of app


androidlibOpen the Simulink Library Browser to blocks for Android Devices

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