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Model Configuration Sets

Store configuration parameters for multiple models or model variants

A configuration set is a named set of values for parameters that control the behavior of a model. Use configuration sets to:

  • Store multiple sets of configuration parameter values for a model

  • Quickly change between different model configurations

  • Use the same set of parameter values for multiple models


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attachConfigSetAssociate configuration set or configuration reference with model
attachConfigSetCopyCopy configuration set or configuration reference and associate it with model
detachConfigSetDissociate configuration set or configuration reference from model
getActiveConfigSetGet active configuration set or configuration reference of model
getConfigSetGet configuration set or configuration reference from model
getConfigSetsGet names of all of model's configuration sets or configuration references
setActiveConfigSetSpecify active configuration set or configuration reference for model
Simulink.BlockDiagram.loadActiveConfigSetLoad, associate, and activate configuration set with model
Simulink.BlockDiagram.propagateConfigSetPropagate top model configuration reference to referenced models
Simulink.BlockDiagram.restoreConfigSetRestore model configuration for converted models
Simulink.BlockDiagram.saveActiveConfigSetSave active configuration set of model
set_paramSet system and block parameter values
get_paramGet parameter names and values
configset.reference.overrideParameterChange value of parameter in configuration reference
configset.reference.hasOverriddenParametersDetermine if model configuration reference has overridden parameters
configset.reference.getOverriddenParametersParameters that are overridden in a configuration reference
configset.reference.isParameterOverriddenDetermine if parameter is overridden in configuration reference of model
configset.reference.restoreOverriddenParameterRestore overridden parameter in configuration reference of model
configset.reference.restoreAllOverriddenParametersRestore all overridden parameters in configuration referenceof model


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Simulink.ConfigSetModel configuration set
Simulink.ConfigSetRefLink model to freestanding configuration set


Set Model Configuration Parameters for a Model

Control model behavior by using configuration parameters.

Manage Configuration Sets for a Model

Specify interchangeable sets of simulation configuration parameters for a model.

Share a Configuration with Multiple Models

Use configuration references to share a configuration set across multiple models.

Share a Configuration Across Referenced Models

Share the configuration set of a top model with the referenced models in the model hierarchy.

Automate Model Configuration by Using a Script

Write a script to programmatically configure multiple models to use the same configuration set.