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Simulink.BlockDiagram.getSampleTimesReturn all sample times associated with model
Simulink.Block.getSampleTimesReturn sample time information for a block


Simulink.SampleTimeObject containing sample time information
Simulink.BlockPortDataDescribe block input or output port

예제 및 방법

Specify Sample Time

Methods for programmatically and interactively specifying and accessing sample time information.

View Sample Time Information

How to access sample time information interactively.

Resolve Rate Transitions

How Simulink® resolves rate transitions between blocks caused by different block sample times.


샘플 시간이란?

블록의 샘플 시간은 블록이 출력을 생성하거나 내부 상태를 업데이트하는 때를 나타냅니다.

Types of Sample Time

Understand how Simulink represents and categorizes sample times.

Blocks for Which Sample Time Is Not Recommended

Best practices for modeling sample times.

Sample Times in Subsystems

How Simulink calculates the sample times of virtual and enabled subsystems.

Sample Times in Systems

How Simulink calculates the sample times of discrete and hybrid systems.

Block Compiled Sample Time

How to access the sample rate of a block during simulation.

How Propagation Affects Inherited Sample Times

How blocks inherit sample times.

Backpropagation in Sample Times

How backward propagation of sample time works.

Specify Execution Domain

Enforce discrete dynamics for a model or subsystem.