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데스크탑 시뮬레이션에서 실시간 시뮬레이션으로 모델을 옮기는 작업은 광범위한 모델 재구성이 필요할 수 있는 반복적 과정입니다. 실시간 모델 준비 워크플로는 개발 머신에서 모델의 계산 비용을 분석하고 줄이는 방법을 제시합니다. 워크플로를 완료한 후, 실시간 타깃 머신에서 시뮬레이션을 위한 최적의 고정 비용 솔버 설정을 결정할 수 있습니다.

도움말 항목

  • Model Preparation Objectives

    Determine if your Simscape™ model is accurate enough to generate expected simulation results and fast enough to run on your real-time target machine without generating an overrun.

  • Real-Time Model Preparation Workflow

    Follow the real-time model preparation workflow to make your Simscape model real-time capable.

  • Improving Speed and Accuracy

    Simulating a Simscape model in real time requires a balance of speed and accuracy that you can attain by reducing computational costs, optimizing solver configurations, or increasing processing power.

  • Determine Step Size

    Determine the maximum step size to use for fixed-step simulation by analyzing the results from a variable-step simulation of your Simscape model.

  • Increase Simulation Speed Using the Partitioning Solver

    Improve performance by using the Simscape Partitioning solver to convert a large system of equations into several smaller systems of equations that are easier to solve.

  • Reduce Computation Costs

    Make your Simscape model real-time capable by identifying and eliminating unnecessary, computationally costly processes such as redundant monitoring and data logging.

  • Reduce Fast Dynamics

    To make your Simscape model real-time capable, decrease computational cost by reducing fast dynamics that you identify using frequency-response and pole-speed analyses.

  • Reduce Numerical Stiffness

    Eliminate components that cause rapid changes to reduce the computation cost of simulation and to make your Simscape model real-time capable.

  • Reduce Zero Crossings

    Eliminate components that cause zero crossings to increase the minimal step-size for fixed-step simulation and to make your Simscape model real-time capable.

  • Partition a Model

    Partition a Simscape model for parallel processing on real-time processors.

  • Manage Model Variants

    Select model variants for dynamic systems using variant subsystems.