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작업 및 태스크 생성

작업 생성 및 작업의 태스크 정의


모두 확장

parclustercluster 객체 만들기
batch워커에서 MATLAB 스크립트 또는 함수 실행
createJob클러스터에서 독립 작업 만들기
createCommunicatingJobCreate communicating job on cluster
recreateCreate new job from existing job
createTaskCreate new task in job
parallel.defaultProfileExamine or set default cluster profile (R2022b 이후)
parallel.listProfilesList available cluster profiles (R2022b 이후)
parallel.importProfileImport cluster profiles from file
poolStartupFile for user-defined options to run on each worker when parallel pool starts
jobStartupFile for user-defined options to run when job starts
taskStartupUser-defined options to run on worker when task starts
taskFinishUser-defined options to run on worker when task finishes
pctconfigConfigure settings for Parallel Computing Toolbox client session or MATLAB Parallel Server workers
mpiLibConfLocation of MPI implementation
mpiSettingsConfigure options for MPI communication


모두 확장

parallel.ClusterAccess cluster properties and behaviors
FutureFunction scheduled to run
parallel.Job작업 속성 및 동작에 액세스
parallel.Task태스크 속성 및 동작에 액세스

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