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태스크 제어 및 워커 통신

작업 및 spmd 블록 실행 중에 태스크 코드 실행 및 워커 간 통신 제어


모두 확장

addAttachedFilesAttach files or folders to parallel pool
labindexspmd 블록의 현재 워커 인덱스
numlabs현재 spmd 블록을 실행하는 워커 개수
gcat(Not recommended) Concatenate arrays on spmd workers
gop(Not recommended) Reduce arrays on spmd workers
gplus(Not recommended) Add arrays from workers in an spmd block
labBarrier(Not recommended) Synchronize workers in an spmd block
labBroadcast(Not recommended) Send data to all workers in an spmd block
labProbe(Not recommended) Determine if data is available for the current worker in an spmd to receive
labReceive(Not recommended) Receive data from another worker in an spmd block
labSend(Not recommended) Send data to another worker in an spmd block
labSendReceive(Not recommended) Simultaneously send and receive data on a worker in an spmd block
getCurrentJobGet job object from a worker running a job
getCurrentClusterGet cluster object from a worker in a cluster
getCurrentTask이 워커 세션에서 현재 실행 중인 task 객체
getCurrentWorkerGet worker object from current worker
getAttachedFilesFolderIdentify folder on a worker where attached files are copied to
updateAttachedFilesUpdate attached files or folders on parallel pool


모두 확장

parallel.TaskAccess task properties and behaviors
parallel.WorkerAccess worker that ran task