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태스크 제어 및 워커 통신

작업 및 spmd 블록 실행 중에 태스크 코드 실행 및 워커 간 통신 제어


모두 확장

addAttachedFiles병렬 풀에 파일이나 폴더 첨부
labindex워커의 인덱스
numlabsTotal number of workers operating in parallel on current job
gcatGlobal concatenation
gopGlobal operation across all workers
gplusGlobal addition
labBarrierBlock execution until all workers reach this call
labBroadcastSend data to all workers or receive data sent to all workers
labProbeTest to see if messages are ready to be received from other worker
labReceiveReceive data from another worker
labSendSend data to another worker
labSendReceiveSimultaneously send data to and receive data from another worker
getCurrentJobJob object whose task is currently being evaluated
getCurrentClusterGet cluster object from a worker in a cluster
getCurrentTaskTask object currently being evaluated in this worker session
getCurrentWorkerWorker object currently running this session
getAttachedFilesFolderFolder into which AttachedFiles are written
updateAttachedFilesUpdate attached files or folders on parallel pool


모두 확장

parallel.TaskAccess task properties and behaviors
parallel.WorkerAccess worker that ran task