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File for user-defined options to run when job starts





The job for which this startup is being executed.


jobStartup(job) runs automatically on a worker the first time that worker evaluates a task for a particular job. You do not call this function from the client session, nor explicitly as part of a task function.

You add MATLAB code to the jobStartup.m file to define job initialization actions on the worker. The worker looks for jobStartup.m in the following order, executing the one it finds first:

  1. Included in the job’s AttachedFiles property.

  2. In a folder included in the job’s AdditionalPaths property.

  3. In the worker’s MATLAB® installation at the location


To create a version of jobStartup.m for AttachedFiles or AdditionalPaths, copy the provided file and modify it as required. For further details on jobStartup and its implementation, see the text in the installed jobStartup.m file.

Introduced before R2006a