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Gain-Scheduled MPC Design

Gain-scheduled control of nonlinear plants by switching controllers at run time

Gain-scheduled model predictive control switches between a predefined set of MPC controllers, in a coordinated fashion, to control a nonlinear plant over a wide range of operating conditions. Use this approach if a single prediction model cannot provide adequate controller performance. To implement gain-scheduled MPC, first design a model predictive controller for each operating point, and then design a scheduling signal that switches the controllers at run time. To reduce online computational effort, you can also implement gain-scheduled explicit MPC in Simulink®. For more information, see Gain-Scheduled MPC.


mpcmoveMultipleCompute gain-scheduling MPC control action at a single time instant
mpcmoveoptOption set for mpcmove function
mpcstateDefine MPC controller state


Multiple MPC ControllersSimulate switching between multiple implicit MPC controllers
Multiple Explicit MPC ControllersSimulate switching between multiple explicit MPC controllers


Gain-Scheduled MPC Basics

Gain-Scheduled MPC

Control a nonlinear plant over a wide range of operating conditions by switching between a predefined set of MPC controllers in a coordinated fashion.

Schedule Controllers at Multiple Operating Points

Control a nonlinear system by designing multiple MPC controllers for different plant operating conditions.

Case Studies

Gain-Scheduled MPC Control of Nonlinear Chemical Reactor

Control a nonlinear chemical reactor using a gain-scheduled model predictive controller as the reactor transitions from one operating condition to another.

Gain Scheduled Implicit and Explicit MPC Control of Mass-Spring System

Implement gain-scheduled MPC control of a nonlinear plant using the Multiple MPC Controllers block and Multiple Explicit MPC Controllers block.

Gain-Scheduled MPC Control of an Inverted Pendulum on a Cart

Control an inverted pendulum in an unstable equilibrium position using a gain-scheduled model predictive controller.