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Image Data Acquisition

Specify acquisition parameters and acquire image data

There are three ways to acquire images programmatically:

  • The videoinput object, for use with any type of supported hardware

  • The gigecam object, for use with GigE Vision hardware only

  • The matroxcam object, for use with Matrox hardware only

The section Acquisition Using Any Hardware pertains to image acquisition using the videoinput object with any type of supported hardware. If you have GigE Vision or Matrox hardware, you can use the new interfaces for GigE Vision and Matrox, which provide new objects, gigecam and matroxcam. Or you can continue to use the existing GigE Vision and Matrox adaptors (gige and matrox) with the videoinput object. See Acquisition Using GigE Vision Hardware and Acquisition Using Matrox Hardware for more information on those interfaces.

You can also acquire images from any type of supported hardware using the Image Acquisition Tool, a full user interface that enables you to set acquisition properties, preview the image, and acquire images. For more information, see Acquisition Using the Image Acquisition Tool.

The functionality for all supported hardware is now available via the Support Package Installer. Starting with R2014a, each adaptor is available separately through the Support Package Installer, and you must install the appropriate support packages to use the toolbox with your hardware. For more information, see Image Acquisition Support Packages for Hardware Adaptors.

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