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그레이박스 모델 추정

선형 및 비선형 미분 방정식, 차분 방정식 및 상태공간 방정식의 계수 추정


greyestEstimate ODE parameters of linear grey-box model
nlgreyestEstimate nonlinear grey-box model parameters
idgreyLinear ODE (grey-box model) with identifiable parameters
idnlgreyNonlinear grey-box model
pemPrediction error minimization for refining linear and nonlinear models
findstatesEstimate initial states of model
initSet or randomize initial parameter values
getinitValues of idnlgrey model initial states
setinitSet initial states of idnlgrey model object
getparParameter values and properties of idnlgrey model parameters
setparSet initial parameter values of idnlgrey model object
getpvecObtain model parameters and associated uncertainty data
setpvecModify values of model parameters
simSimulate response of identified model
greyestOptionsOption set for greyest
nlgreyestOptionsOption set for nlgreyest
findstatesOptionsOption set for findstates
simOptionsOption set for sim

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