Set fixed-point preferences


P = fipref
P = fipref(...'PropertyName',PropertyValue...)


You can use the fipref constructor function in the following ways:

  • P = fipref creates a default fipref object.

  • P = fipref(...'PropertyName',PropertyValue...) allows you to set the attributes of a object using property name/property value pairs.

The properties of the fipref object are listed below. These properties are described in detail in fipref Object Properties.

  • FimathDisplay — Display options for the local fimath attributes of fi objects. When fi objects to not have a local fimath, their fimath attributes are never displayed.

  • DataTypeOverride — Data type override options.

  • DataTypeOverrideAppliesTo— Data type override setting applicability.

  • LoggingMode — Logging options for operations performed on fi objects.

  • NumericTypeDisplay — Display options for the numeric type attributes of a fi object.

  • NumberDisplay — Display options for the value of a fi object.

Your fipref settings persist throughout your MATLAB® session. Use reset(fipref) to return to the default settings during your session. Use savefipref to save your display preferences for subsequent MATLAB sessions.

See View Fixed-Point Data for more information on the display preferences used for most code examples in the documentation.


Example 1


P = fipref

to create a default fipref object.

P =
         NumberDisplay: 'RealWorldValue'
    NumericTypeDisplay: 'full'
         FimathDisplay: 'full'
           LoggingMode: 'Off'
      DataTypeOverride: 'ForceOff'

Example 2

You can set properties of fipref objects at the time of object creation by including properties after the arguments of the fipref constructor function. For example, to set NumberDisplay to bin and NumericTypeDisplay to short,

P = fipref('NumberDisplay','bin',...
   'NumericTypeDisplay', 'short')
P =
         NumberDisplay: 'bin'
    NumericTypeDisplay: 'short'
         FimathDisplay: 'full'
           LoggingMode: 'Off'
      DataTypeOverride: 'ForceOff'

Introduced before R2006a