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Get actual output rate


fsout = getActualOutputRate(rateConverter)



fsout = getActualOutputRate(rateConverter) returns the actual output sample rate of the rateConverter object, taking into account the OutputRateTolerance property. The rate converter object can be a dsp.FarrowRateConverter System object™ or a dsp.SampleRateConverter System object.


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Set the tolerance of the filter to 1%, then return the actual output sample rate for the default conversion between 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz.

frc = dsp.FarrowRateConverter();
frc.OutputRateTolerance = 0.01;
FsOut = getActualOutputRate(frc)
FsOut = 4.8109e+04

The actual output rate can differ from the requested OutputSampleRate, within the configured tolerance.

Get the actual output sample rate for conversion between 192 kHz and 44.1 kHz when given a tolerance of 1%.

src = dsp.SampleRateConverter;
src.OutputRateTolerance = 0.01;
FsOut = getActualOutputRate(src)
FsOut = 4.4308e+04

Input Arguments

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Polynomial sample rate conversion filter, specified as a dsp.FarrowRateConverter or a dsp.SampleRateConverter System object.

Output Arguments

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Actual output sample rate of the filter, returned as a scalar in Hz.

Data Types: double

Introduced in R2014b