Analog Signal Generation

Configure analog output channels and generate signals with your device

Before you use analog output channels, see Hardware Discovery and Session Setup.


addAnalogOutputChannelAdd analog output channel to session
outputSingleScanGenerate single scan on all output channels
queueOutputDataQueue data to be output
startForegroundStart foreground operations
startBackgroundStart background operations
addlistenerCreate event listener
stopStop background operation
waitBlock MATLAB until background operation completes


DataRequiredNotify when additional data is required for output on continuous generation
ErrorOccurredNotify when device-related errors occur


Analog Output GeneratorDefine and generate analog output signals


DeviceChannel device information
IDID of channel in session
MeasurementTypeChannel measurement type
RangeSpecify channel measurement range
TerminalConfigSpecify terminal configuration
ExternalTriggerTimeoutSpecify maximum wait time for external trigger
NameSpecify descriptive name for the channel
ScansOutputByHardwareIndicate number of scans output by hardware
ScansQueuedIndicate number of scans queued for output


Basic Workflows

Generate Signals in the Foreground

Generate data from a device while MATLAB® waits.

Generate Signals in the Background

Generate data from a device while MATLAB continues to run.

Generate Signals in the Background Continuously

Continuously generate data from a device while MATLAB continues to run.

Getting Started Generating Data with Digilent® Analog Discovery™

This example shows how to generate analog output voltage data at 300 kHz.

Generate and Measure Signals with Analog Devices ADALM1000

Program a session for ADALM1000 input and output.

Tools Workflows

Generate Signals with the Analog Output Generator

Use the Analog Output Generator app to define and produce analog output signals.

Multiple Channels and Measurement Types

Generate Signals Using Multiple Channels

This example shows how to generate data from multiple channels and multiple devices.

Generate Signals on Both Analog and Digital Channels

This example shows how to generate signals when the session contains both analog and digital channels.

Acquire Data and Generate Signals Simultaneously

Acquire and generate data at the same time.

Featured Examples