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Model AUTOSAR Basic Software Service Calls

For the AUTOSAR Classic Platform, the AUTOSAR standard defines important services as part of Basic Software (BSW) that runs in the AUTOSAR Runtime Environment (RTE). Examples include services provided by the Diagnostic Event Manager (Dem), the Function Inhibition Manager (FiM), and the NVRAM Manager (NvM). In the AUTOSAR RTE, AUTOSAR software components typically access BSW services using client-server or sender-receiver communication.

To support system-level modeling of AUTOSAR components and services, AUTOSAR Blockset provides an AUTOSAR Basic Software block library. The library contains preconfigured Function Caller blocks for modeling component calls to AUTOSAR BSW services.

To implement client calls to AUTOSAR BSW service interfaces in your AUTOSAR software component, you drag and drop Basic Software blocks into an AUTOSAR model. Each block has prepopulated parameters, such as Client port name and Operation. If you modify the operation selection, the software updates the block inputs and outputs to correspond. The Operation parameter must be set to an operation supported by the schema currently specified by the model. The list of operations on the block parameters dialog reflects the operations supported by the current schema. To configure the schema, in the Configuration Parameters Code Generation > AUTOSAR Code Generation Options pane, specify the Generate XML file for schema version parameter.

To configure the added blocks in the AUTOSAR software component, click the Update button in the Code Mappings editor view of the model. The software creates AUTOSAR client-service interfaces, operations, and ports, and maps each Simulink® function caller to an AUTOSAR client port and operation.

For more information, see Configure Calls to AUTOSAR Diagnostic Event Manager Service, Configure Calls to AUTOSAR Function Inhibition Manager Service, and Configure Calls to AUTOSAR NVRAM Manager Service.

To simulate an AUTOSAR component model that calls BSW services, create a containing composition, system, or harness model. In that containing model, provide reference implementations of the Dem and NvM service operations called by the component.

The AUTOSAR Basic Software block library includes a Diagnostic Service Component block and an NVRAM Service Component block. The blocks provide reference implementations of Dem/FiM and NvM service operations. To support simulation of component calls to the Dem, FiM, and NvM services, include the blocks in the containing model. You can insert the blocks in either of two ways:

  • Automatically insert the blocks by creating a Simulink Test™ harness model.

  • Manually insert the blocks into a containing composition, system, or harness model.

For more information, see Configure AUTOSAR Basic Software Service Implementations for Simulation and Simulate AUTOSAR Basic Software Services and Run-Time Environment.

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