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Component Creation

Create AUTOSAR adaptive software component from model or ARXML

To begin working on an AUTOSAR adaptive software component, create a Simulink® representation of the component. Either create an AUTOSAR software component for an existing Simulink model or import an AUTOSAR software component from AUTOSAR XML (ARXML) files into a new Simulink model. To get started, see Create AUTOSAR Software Component in Simulink or Import AUTOSAR Adaptive Software Descriptions.


AUTOSAR Component DesignerGenerate AUTOSAR compliant C or C++ code and export ARXML descriptions for processors used in automotive systems (Since R2019b)


autosar.api.createCreate or update mapped AUTOSAR component model
autosar.api.deleteDelete AUTOSAR properties and mapping for Simulink model
arxml.importerImport AUTOSAR XML descriptions of software components, compositions, or packages
createComponentAsModelCreate Simulink representation of AUTOSAR ARXML atomic software component
getComponentNamesGet AUTOSAR software component names from ARXML files
updateAUTOSARPropertiesUpdate model with ARXML definitions from AUTOSAR element packages