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Calculate current at feed for antenna or array



i = feedCurrent(obj,frequency) calculates and returns the complex current in Ampere at the feed for an antenna or array object at a specified frequency. The feed current when multiplied by the antenna impedance gives the voltage across the antenna.


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Excite a monopole antenna using plane wave. Calculate the feed current at 75 MHz.

h = planeWaveExcitation(Element=monopole, Direction=[1 0 0])
h = 
  planeWaveExcitation with properties:

         Element: [1x1 monopole]
       Direction: [1 0 0]
    Polarization: [0 0 1]
      SolverType: 'MoM'

cur = feedCurrent(h,75e6)
cur = -0.0135 + 0.0135i

Calculate the feed current of a rounded-bowtie designed for operation at 2.4 GHz.

b  = design(bowtieRounded,2.4e9);
If = feedCurrent(b,2.4e9)
If = 0.0298 + 0.0010i

Calculate the feed current of a dipole antenna designed for operation at 70 MHz and 75 MHz.

feedCurrent(dipole, [75e6, 70e6])
ans = 1×2 complex

   0.0137 + 0.0000i   0.0089 - 0.0036i

Input Arguments

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Antenna or array to calculate the current at its feed, specified as either of these objects:


feedCurrent function does not calculate feed current for the infiniteArray object.

Example: planeWaveExcitation

Frequency or frequency range over which to calculate the feed current, specified as a scalar or vector in Hz.

Example: 70e6

Data Types: double

Output Argument

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Complex current, returned as a 1-by-n vector in A. This value is calculated at the feed point of an antenna or array.

Example: 0.0182 - 0.0032i

Data Types: double
Complex Number Support: Yes

Version History

Introduced in R2017a

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