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Patch Antennas

Rectangular, elliptical, triangular, and circular probe-fed patch, inset-fed rectangular patch, e-notch and h-notch patch

Microstrip or patch antennas find uses in applications that require low profile antennas without compromising performance. Mostly patch antennas are directly designed in printed circuit boards (PCB). The structure consists of a conducting patch and a ground plane between which is a substrate that can either be air or a dielectric such as Teflon.


Antenna DesignerDesign, visualize, and analyze antennas
Antenna Array DesignerDesign, visualize, and analyze arrays


patchMicrostripCreate microstrip patch antenna
patchMicrostripCircularCreate probe-fed circular microstrip patch antenna
patchMicrostripInsetfedCreate inset-fed microstrip patch antenna
pifaCreate planar inverted-F antenna
patchMicrostripEnotchCreate probe-fed E-shaped microstrip patch antenna
patchMicrostripHnotchH-shaped microstrip patch antenna
patchMicrostripTriangularCreate triangular microstrip patch antenna
patchMicrostripEllipticalCreate elliptical microstrip patch antenna


showDisplay antenna, array structures or shapes
infoDisplay information about antenna or array
cylinder2stripCylinder equivalent width approximation