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A&D provides products, services, and solutions for the medical, weighing, industrial automation, electronics, and transportation industries worldwide. Transportation solutions span conventional to advanced electric vehicles, including simulation tools, data acquisition and control systems, and combustion analysis products, as well as test and development tools for engines, transmissions, HEVs, batteries, and their related control systems.

A&D hosts a considerable base of testing expertise that encompasses the complete vehicle, from powertrain to chassis. A&D offers several solutions for powertrain development:

Powertrain Development
A&D offers an end-to-end solution for test and simulation to assist customers from the design instigation to the final release and manufacture of the customer's end product. The real-time ADX platform can be integrated into the test system, providing open Simulink® models to control the test cell according to simulation models of drivers, batteries, engine, vehicle, and environment. Other tools such as the Combustion Analysis System (CAS), dynamometers, throttle actuators, and emissions benches are also provided as part of a turnkey system.

Powertrain Control Calibration
A&D provides a calibration automation tool, ORION, for engine management optimization. This tool utilizes test schedules designed with DoE tools, such as those within Model-Based Calibration Toolbox™, and real-time combustion data to optimize test running times. A&D also uses Simulink models to create environmental conditions, customize test cases, and build reference models for evaluation of data integrity.

Real-Time Controller Development
The ADX platform can also be used for partial to full bypass prototyping of the specimen control unit (ECU, TCU, etc.) to provide, for instance, engine control where access to the OEM ECU is not possible.

A&D uses Simulink and Model-Based Calibration Toolbox for calibration automation, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system models, and real-time control applications. Customers of A&D are involved in the product delivery cycle of powertrain units and the test operations of the physical specimens.

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