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I am a multidiciplinary developer with a focus on digital products. I always had a penchant for discovering and trying out new tools which boost my workflow and help me with my projects. On top of that, another focus of mine is building up an extension of my mind by gathering articles at the intersection of design, technology, work, psychology, and life

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Security of data transmission in WSN
You can use any security protocol that does not rely upon physical connection (such carefully measured imperfections in optical ...

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Here's a video that covers how to make two or more GUIs share data and work together. The short answer is use SETAPPDATA and GE...

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How can I delete certain rows of a matrix based on specific column values?
To "delete" matrix = eye(5);%5x5 identity matrix list_o_cols_to_delete = [1 3 5]; matrix(:,list_o_cols_to_delete) = [] To...

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