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Simpson's 3/8th rule
Program for numerical integration using Simpson's 3/8th rule.

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Convert large xyz file into grid
If its a 2D data try to figure out min. and max. of X and Y. Then reshape the z column so that size z is equal to 300276. Finall...

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Upward continuation of Grid data
Upward continuation of grid data of potential methods of Exploration Geophysics.

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Monte Carlo simulation for computation of definite integrals
Integration and area under the curve using Monte-carlo simulation.

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how to get rid of the following error
This kind of error is appearing may be because of the q value defined. If the q value at t-1 becomes negative or zero and the fu...

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Matlab code for Lagrange interpolation
Lagrange interpolation

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I have created and .exe from the matlab script but the program returns an error while reading print command. Is any any way to save the plot to jpeg from the compiled matlab script??
My code is about plotting of some field data.I created a standalone executable from the script after the control returns the plo...

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How can I read a text file and import a part of it into matlab.
I have a text file with 13 columns and some 900 rows. But,column 9 to 12 are asterisk and 13th is again numeric.I want to import...

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