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Jorge Pesantez

North Carolina State University

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Grad Student
Civil Engineering


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Why is a new instance of MATLAB opened when I double-click on a MATLAB file in Windows Explorer even if I have one instance of MATLAB already open on my Windows 7 machine?
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Could anyone here provide some information about agent-based modeling using Simulink?
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Trying to use a previously trained NARX with a new set of external input. Error: Error using network/sim (line 266) Number of inputs does not match net.numInputs. Error in network/subsref (line 15) otherwise, v = sim(vin,subs{:});
The problem seems to be recurrent because of all the similar questions I've read about it, and it's as follows: I am training...

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Why the command "graphallshortestpaths" gives me Inf value for a weighted indirect graph that I know it doesn't have disconnections?
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