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Just an amateur photographer playing with pictures and data Professional Interests: Image Processing and Data Fitting


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FFT with normalized spatial frequency for image sensor MTF
Hi Ben, You are off by a factor of 10 because there are 10 samples in one of your 'pixels'. The result of the FT is in cycles/...

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How to perform quadratic optimization
The physical Edge Spread Function is monotonic in normal conditions, so the undershoots/overshoots are due to processing (demosa...

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how to design Siemens star pattern like on the image?
This way you get a sinusoidal as well as a binary Siemens star, don't need the image processing toolbox and it's more intuitive:...

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how to design Siemens star pattern like on the image?
This works for a raw binary Siemens Star. It is raw in the sense that there is no anti-aliasing so the edges are truly binary. ...

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Multi Struct to Matrix
From Structs of Arrays: s(1).x = [1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9]; s(2).x = [11 12 13; 14 15 16; 17 18 19]; I would like t...

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How to get xlsread, xlswrite, actxserver to find, read and write to/from Excel 2010?
Matlab newbie. Lots of questions around about why Matlab no longer talks to Excel 2010 - but no satisfactory answers as to how ...

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