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Jang geun Choi

Pusan national university

Last seen: 3일 전 2014년부터 활동

I'm a student studying ocean science using matlab.


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Deriving X from X'X
n=2; k=3; X=rand(n,k); % make sample matrix X Xn=X'*X Is it right what you want?

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Combining Color Images as one
Bimage = zeros(256, 256, 1, 'uint8'); Bimage(:, :, 3) = repmat(255:-1:0, 256, 1); Bimage=Bimage(:,:,3); image...

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Can MATLAB create a linear graph from polynomial graph?
x=0:0.2:2*pi; y=3*sin(x)+2*x+rand(size(x)); % example data % linear regression P=polyfit(x,y,1); y2=polyval(P,x)...

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Error using * matrix dimensions must agree?
I think, if your 'y' is vary with two independent variables, x and t, you should make not one dimensional vector domain but two ...

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