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Ali Asghar Heidari ( is currently a research intern at school of computing, NUS, Singapore. He is also an exceptionally talented Ph.DC. at the University of Tehran funded by Iran's National Elites Foundation (INEF). He contributes to advanced AI algorithms and machine learning methods published/under review in best Q1 journals with prof. H Fujita at Iwate Prefectural Japan, prof. Xiaodong Li at RMIT, Dr. Seyedali Mirjalili at Griffith, prof. P. Fournier-Viger at Harbin Institute of Tech., prof. Faris and prof. Aljarah at the University of Jordan, prof. Hui-Ling Chen, prof. Mafarja, prof. Zhang, prof. Jordehi, prof. Abbassi, and prof. Abbaspour. Heidari also serves as an ad hoc reviewer for ASOC, KNOSYS, ECM, Inf Sci, IJGIS, etc (see:

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Slime Mould Algorithm (SMA): A Method for Optimization
A new stochastic optimizer slime mould algorithm (SMA):

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Harris hawks optimization (HHO): Algorithm and applications
Harris Hawks Optimizer (HHO) is a novel meta-heuristic optimization paradigm for global optimization

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