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How do I merge two requirements sets with different justifications?
Hi Karolin, There is a similar question here. Maybe you can try to see whether the answer to that question can solve your issue...

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Is it possible to access the "Change Information" section of a Simulink Requirement link to detect issues via the MATLAB command-line?
Hi David, Unfortunately, currently, there is no public command-line API to access the Change Information yet. Thanks, ZQ

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Import images for requirements via reqIf file
Hi Karolin, Please try the following steps to see whether it works: You can create a folder which contains: ...

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How to configure path setting for generating requirements traceability report?
Hi Xiaojie, Unfortunately, R2018a does not support remembering the predefined path. Remembering the report path during MATLAB ...

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Error generating requirements report
Hi Chris, Was your requirement content directly copied from some external source, e.g. Google Docs. I know the copy/paste acit...

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slreq.generateReport() -- unrecognized method, property or field...
Hi Chris, Would you mind pasting the code snippet you used here? It looks like the prefix 'slreq' in the front of generateRepor...

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