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Khalil Sultan

Intech Process Automation

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Khalil Sultan has graduated from Institute of Industrial Electronics Engineering (IIEE), Karachi, Pakistan in 2004. Currently, he is working as Design Engineer in the area of Process Automation.

He likes to work in the areas of Control Engineering and Embedded Systems Development.


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Sun Azimuth Data
A script for generation of an ASCII File (Report) containing Sun Azimuth Data.

약 12년 전 | 다운로드 수: 3 |


Single Pulse Generator
A simulink model which generates a single pulse of all definable parameters.

약 12년 전 | 다운로드 수: 23 |



Inverted Pendulum
A collection of MATLAB files, useful for analyzing inverted pendulum & designing controller for it.

14년 이하 전 | 다운로드 수: 39 |


Servo System Blockset
A Simulink Blockset for the purpose of simulating servo systems.

17년 이상 전 | 다운로드 수: 7 |