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Internal Mechanics change for joint block in mid-simulation with function - Simscape
The internal mechanics of a joint cannot change during simulation. They assume constant spring stiffness and damping. One soluti...

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How to track the location of center of gravity of a moving body in simmechanics?
The Inertia Sensor block, introduced in R2019b, allows sensing the center of mass of a body, and a mechanism during simulation.

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Contact Relation Between Robot and Ground
The Spatial Contact Force block introduced in R2019b is capable of modeling such effects.

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Does the PS-Simulink convert slow the simulation speed down?
Sensing quantities can slow down simulation because of the simple fact that computations must be done to output values. Some out...

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[Simscape multibody] Modeling contact between revolved solid and brick solid
Revolved solids support exporting Convex Hull which is an approximation of the revolved geometry. The convex hull is supported b...

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Simscape Multibody: Error message claims that switching the joint mode is unsupported despite MathWorks documentation saying otherwise
Changing the mode from Normal to Disengaged is first supported in R2019b. Changing the mode from Disengaged to Normal is first s...

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How to subtract?
*&plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn &plusmn* * Imagine you need to subtract one...

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Make a simplified barcode
Given an integer to encode, make a barcode using the following encoding scheme: * The bar code is made from the binary versio...

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