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What is the Maths involved in Fixed Displacement Pump (Simscape- Hydraulics).
Hi all, <</matlabcentral/answers/uploaded_files/87945/Fixed%20Displacement%20Pump.PNG>> As in the figure, are the paramet...

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Is the TI C2000 support package still supported?
Embedded coder for TI C2000 is supported. I am using the same with Matlab2011b.

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How do I run my code in the flash memory of TI C2000 board on Target Support Package TC2 (R2008a)?
Me too trying to save the generated code into the flash memory. I am working with Delfino experimenter kit - TMS320F28335; ...

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Problem Starting MEX file
I too faced similar problem Finally I just uninstalled all the C++2010, C++2008 and C++2005. Then Installed the 7.1 SDK , by...

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